Annual Global Conference 2022

24 May 2022
1pm - 7:30pm BST
8am - 2:30pm EST

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About the Conference

Media Law International is hosting its second annual conference on the 24 May 2022, with vFairs providing the virtual event technology. This event will feature comprehensive discussions on the latest developments, trends and challenges in media law.

Media Law International has partnered with renowned media organisations to produce a high-profile event that addresses topics of global importance. The event audience includes CEOs and GCs of media companies as well as lawyers from international and boutique law firms.

The Annual Global Conference 2022 will bring together in-house counsel of media organisations and leading lawyers as speakers, providing an overview of current issues ranging from privacy, data protection and defamation, to IOT, AI as well as other legal and practical issues.

At this conference, delegates will hear from global leaders and connect with senior industry figures. The event focusses on Digital Content, Press and Entertainment due to their increasingly important role in the industry. The conference uses a sophisticated platform for sponsors and speakers. Delegates will have the option to watch sessions live or on-demand for 30 days after the event day. The conference will offer an immersive 3D experience, with hall, lobby and auditorium access for all delegates.

About Media Law International

Media Law International is an independent publishing business that produces the flagship annual guide of the same name, and a bi-monthly e-Zine. Our niche publications focus exclusively on media law, providing broad coverage of legal and business sectors in multiple jurisdictions.

The annual guide provides comprehensive coverage of firms and practitioners with media law expertise, across 56 jurisdictions. Our research is based on objective market analysis that focuses exclusively on one practice area, media law. This means our specialist publication is dedicated solely to the examination of legal media practice - bringing together rankings, industry coverage of trends and global legal perspectives

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  • Hear from global leaders on the latest media law developments worldwide
  • Connect with GCs, CEOs, Partners, Lawyers and other senior industry figures from media companies around the world
  • No travel required - enjoy this event while working from home
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Conference Agenda (all times in BST)

Press Law and Personal Rights

13:00 - 13:30 (BST)

Media Law In Northern Ireland: What You Need to Know

Emma Hunt, Partner and Head of Litigation, Mills Selig
Mark Thompson, Senior Associate, Mills Selig

For nearly three decades Mills Selig has been recognised as a leading Media Law Firm in Northern Ireland - representing many national newspapers, broadcast organisations, book and magazine publishers and high-profile individuals and more recently Digital Media/ Technology Organisations – including social networking platforms and communications websites. Mills Selig is retained by clients due to their need to have expert, trusted and knowledgeable local outside Counsel in Northern Ireland. Emma and the Media Law team will discuss:

  • Unique characteristics of Media Law (and Defamation) Northern Ireland
  • When to consider local outside Counsel in Northern Ireland
  • (Upcoming) Defamation Law Reform in Northern Ireland and its potential impact

13:30 - 14:00 (BST)

Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation: ‘EYE on SLAPP in Poland’

Dr Anna Wójcik, Rule of Law Journalist at, an award-winning journalism portal from Poland. Dr Wójcik is also Assistant Professor at the Institute of Legal Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences.

Exaggerated, often baseless lawsuits against journalists, publishers, and citizens speaking out in public interest, aiming to silence and exhaust them, are known as Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP). A leading non-profit quality journalism portal from Poland, in recent years, has been a target of a dozen SLAPPs, brought by wealthy and otherwise powerful individuals, often with links to the government. In 2021, established a SLAPP in Poland monitoring program, which aims to inform and educate public opinion about the danger that such lawsuits and legal threats pose to democracy.

Dr Wójcik will present an overview of cases against and civil society activists and explain why they are SLAPPs and what is universal and particular for Poland in this regard, especially against the background of democracy's attrition in recent years, which includes lowering of the rule of law and media freedom standards. Dr Wójcik will also present a snapshot of current levels in the European Union to counter and contain SLAPPs in member states.

14:00 - 15:00 (BST)

Current Legal Issues in UK Media Law

Gill Phillips, Director of Editorial Legal Service, Guardian Media Group
Adam Cannon, Director of Legal, The Sun
Dominic C. Harrison, Head Lawyer, Legal & Compliance, Channel 4
David Attfield, Head of Programme Legal Advice, the BBC

This panel session will look at some of the cutting-edge current issues in privacy, data protection, defamation and open justice as they affect the UK media law landscape. It will discuss the implications for freedom of expression in the UK arising from the calls for evidence from the UK government on the Human Rights Act and SLAPP lawsuits. It will offer insights and expertise from four in-house media law experts across the publishing spectrum, looking at recent case law and other developments.

15:00 - 16:00 (BST)

LATAM and Online Free Speech: Defamation, Statutory and Case Law in the Region

Xavier Careaga, Associate General Counsel, Meta
Maria Gabriela Castanheira Bacha, Foreign Legal Analyst , White & Case
Samanta Fernández Micone, Associate, Los Angeles, White & Case
Guillermo José Cervio, Partner, Baker McKenzie
Carolina Pardo, Partner, Baker McKenzie

Due its history and background, LATAM is particularly sensitive around free speech, which has evolved into the online arena. Defamation is one of the most relevant challenges, as it is a non-factual conflict between private parties, not always newsworthy, and where fundamental rights such as free speech collide with honour, reputation, dignity and privacy. As speech has been democratized and more and more people are given means to speak their voice, media and digital platforms companies are found in the middle of such fights, where one party asks it to have the content removed, and the other to respect their free speech.

Self-regulation community standards and statutory options often require complex implementation. Meanwhile, recent statutory and case law benchmarks are continuously evolving the discussion. With a better understanding of the legal panorama, we may find solutions together.

16:00 - 16:30 (BST)

Screen Break

Digital Content and Entertainment

16:30 - 17:00 (BST)

An Introduction to Music Publishing in Turkey and Internationally

Mine Aksoy, Founder, All Stars Music

Alexander Wolf, President of SESAC International

This session will examine music publishing, reviewing where the talent is with music being a new version of itself within the digital world. In this context, we will assess questions such as: Who creates the product? Who owns the product? Who distributes the product? How is it being marketed? Who really buys the product? The Digital Transition of the music publishing industry including but not limited to - Digital Distributions, NFT's, Metaverse and how this impacts the music that is made. Moreover, we will discuss Copyright Protection and changing dynamic and faces of the product within the music and entertainment business, including audio and audio-visual content.

17:00 - 17:30 (BST)

Media & Entertainment: The Changing Media Landscape in the Middle East

Mark Hill, Partner and Head of Commercial, TMT and Intellectual Property Middle East, Charles Russell Speechlys

It has been a remarkable year for the Media & Entertainment industry in the Middle East. In this session, we will take a look at the current environment and some of the key themes arising, Covid-19 – is it over?, the important changes being seen in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the growth of digital content and the demands of the younger generations, opportunities for film and related production activities, the continuing growth of cinema, major events in the region (in particular sporting events) and the impact these are having, the shift to digital advertising, the developing world of sponsorship and some crystal ball gazing at what the future of this industry in the region is set to look like.

17:35 - 18:20 (BST)

Talk to Me: How Conversational AI is Changing Entertainment

Ken Herron, Chief Growth Officer, UIB

What do Disney's Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, William Farquhar's Collection of Natural History Drawings at the National Museum of Singapore, and your favourite football (soccer) player's jersey have in common? Join UIB Chief Growth Officer Ken Herron for a fun, fast-paced session on H2X®, Human to Everything. Learn how the technologies of conversational AI, conversational IoT, and natural language processing are coming together to change all aspects of entertainment, from the business models and customer service to the entertainment experiences themselves. This session will cover a broad range of top and emerging use cases across legacy and cutting-edge entertainment from Singapore, Germany, the UAE, and the US.

18:20 - 18:50 (BST)

Going Global: Legal and Practical Considerations for Entering New Markets

Yasmin Coffey, Chief Legal Officer, TuneIn
Derek Huoth, General Counsel and Secretary, Tastemade

For companies looking to enter international markets for the first time or to expand their global footprint, understanding how to navigate compliance with legal regulations without slowing growth can be challenging. In this presentation, we will discuss how to determine whether to enter into a particular country and what to consider when you get there.

18:50 - 19:20 (BST)

Football, a Traditional Business in an Evolving Market

David Graham, Communications Director, Commercial and Marketing Department, Rangers Football Club

Topic Description: TBA

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Adam Cannon

Director of Legal, The Sun

David Attfield

Head of Programme Legal Advice, the BBC

Dominic C Harrison

Head Lawyer, Programme Compliance, Channel 4

Gill Philips

Director of Editorial Legal Services, The Guardian

Mark Hill

Partner and Head of Commercial, TMT and Intellectual Property Middle East, Charles Russell Speechlys

Dr Anna Wójcik

Rule of Law Journalist at

Yasmin Coffey

Chief Legal Officer, TuneIn

Derek Huoth

General Counsel and Secretary, Tastemade

Emma Hunt

Partner and Head of Litigation, Mills Selig

Ken Herron

Chief Growth Officer, UIB Holdings Pte. Ltd

Xavier Careaga

Associate General Counsel, Meta

Carolina Pardo

Partner, Baker McKenzie

Samanta Fernández Micone

Associate, Los Angeles, White & Case

Guillermo José Cervio

Partner, Baker McKenzie

Maria Gabriela Bacha

Foreign Legal Analyst, White & Case

David Graham

Head of Communication, Media and Commercial, Rangers Football Club

Mine Aksoy

Founder, All Stars Music

Alexander Wolf

President of SESAC International

Mark Thompson

Senior Associate, Mills Selig

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